Hours ago, I logged in to Facebook and I saw this:

Needless to say, I opted for an upgrade since it looked better than the previous layout. It aggregates information in a more appealing and more organized manner. Some of the changes that I liked were:

Facebook's new profile layout


  1. Tabs are now replaced with more relevant information such as schools attended, work, current city, birthday, recent pictures and the like. This is good for some, and maybe bad for others who value their privacy. Meanwhile, the old tabs are now replaced with links under the profile picture.
  2. For some users who are accustomed with Facebook groups, sharing status, photos, links, and videos are pretty much the same as in a typical Facebook group. I guess Facebook had prepared for this layout longer than we thought.
  3. The “Edit Profile” button is comfortably placed in the upper right portion of your profile, similar to “Edit Settings” button in Facebook groups.
  4. The Friends section are now more emphasized by using a single-column format.

Of course, like previous, major changes in Facebook, changes are always met with some resistance from some users. And here are some of their complaints:

  1. You can’t revert back the upgrade once Facebook has lured you into doing it.
  2. You’ll view you friends via the new layout once you’ve made the decision of upgrading your profile, even if your friends are actually using the old layout. If you didn’t upgrade, you’ll view your friends profile depending on whether they chose the upgrade or not.
  3. Ads section is a little bit bigger (I’m not sure of this one since I seldom notice advertisements anyway).
  4. Not only does your profile change. Your homepage will change a li’l bit too. And the reason why some are annoyed by this is because…
  1. …as of this writing, I am still stumped on how to tag using @(name of contact) in the new layout. I don’t know why suggestions do not appear. UPDATE: tagging in status messages does not work in Opera browser (again).

I hope everyone will get used to this new layout. These changes aren’t really that detrimental anyway.